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University of Adelaide (UOA)

The University of Adelaide was established in 1874 and is the third oldest university in Australia. It known internationally for conducting world-leading research in a wide range of fields, this university has consistently ranked among the top 1% of global universities and is a member of The Group of Eight and one of Australia’s most important research university alliances. The University of Adelaide is an international institution with the characteristics of a unique research university. In UOA, all students have the excitement, enthusiasm and energy for seeking new knowledge. As an enlightened and tolerant university, no matter what the background or situation of the students have, the eligible students can get all aspects of support from the school. The University of Adelaide combines traditional advantages with modern art features and a variable student life. It is one of the four best universities recommended by the Australian government after the comprehensive evaluation of university students. Among the nine Nobel Prize winners in Australia, five of them are come from the University of Adelaide.

ustralia’s South Australia region’s highest graduate employment rate

The wine brewing specialty ranks first in Australia and the top in the world

Cultivate more than 100 winners of Roche Scholarship

In 2021, QS World University Rankings ranked 106th and Australian universities ranked 8th.

With one of Australia’s most prestigious medical schools, the University of Adelaide’s Special Research Center for the Structure of Subatomic Matter is one of the world’s three major nuclear theoretical research centers.

Top 10 majors and their world rankings

Minerals and mining engineering
Anatomy and Physiology
0 +
computer science
0 +
Engineering and technology
0 +
Physical science
0 +
Clinical and health
0 +
0 +
life sciences

International Student Scholarship


This scholarship is for University of Adelaide to award the international students who have obtained undergraduate or postgraduate entrance qualifications for outstanding performance:

Scholarship Value
Within the minimum standard period for choosing an undergraduate or graduate degree, the scholarship can reduce tuition fees by 15% to 30%.

Requirements for applicants who have obtained a bachelor degree:

  • Overseas students in grade 12 have a minimum original ATAR of 80 and can receive a 15% scholarship.
  • Overseas students in grade 12 have a minimum original ATAR of 90 and receive a 30% scholarship.

Requirements for applicants who have obtained a postgraduate degree:

  • A grade point average (GPA) of at least 5.0/7 or equivalent is required to obtain a 15% scholarship.
  • A grade point average (GPA) of at least 6.0/7 or equivalent is required to receive a 30% scholarship.

Note: Students need to obtain a fully paid conditional offer or un-conditional offer from the University of Adelaide to be eligible for this scholarship

*Terms and Conditions apply

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