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The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was founded in 1853, more than 150 years of teaching experience. Located in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural, artistic and industrial center, it is a world-renowned top comprehensive research university, ranking among the top 3 in Australia in many world university rankings. The University of Melbourne is also a core member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the Asia Pacific International Trade Education and Research Alliance, the Commonwealth University Association and Australia Go8. It is also a dual certified member of AACSB and EQUIS, a founding member of the U21 University Alliance and the location of the secretariat. The University of Melbourne is the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Australia and even the Southern Hemisphere. There are 6 Nobel Prize winners among the alumni and professors, same as the Australian National University. In the “100 Most Influential Australians” published by “The Bulletin”, 33 have academic relationships with the University of Melbourne.

2020 QS World University Academic Reputation Ranking

The University of Melbourne ranks No.1 in Australia

97% employment rate of undergraduate graduates

98% employment rate of master graduates


Provide students with 1,600+ internship opportunities worldwide

As Australia’s top university, QS World University ranked No.3 in Australia and 41st in the world in 2021. The academic reputation of QS World University in 2020 is ranked 1st in Australia and 17th in the world. Melbourne Business School has always been ranked among the top 100 in the world, and is included in the top 50 MBA programs in the world by the British Advanced Skilled Immigration Visa Program. Graduates are eligible to work directly in the UK.

Top 10 majors and their world rankings

Anatomy and Physiology
Civil Engineering
Accounting and Finance
Development Studies
Performance Art
Veterinary Science
Veterinary science

International Student Scholarship

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to outstanding international students to affirm their academic excellence and encourage them to continue to maintain this high level of learning in their future studies.

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