Education Planner:
Christine WU

Christine has just obtained a master’s degree in communication and media from Monash University. As an international student, she also experienced the whole journey of studying in a foreign country. As a Junior Education Planner, she will refer to her own experience to empathize with students, and develop a plan suitable for each student according to their needs.

Lucy Liang

Lucy started the journey studying in Australia 2009 and graduated from master of banking and finance in Monash University. She has been working in iae Edu Net Melbourne for 6 years and can share with students a series of experiences and stories from studying abroad to settling in Australia. She does well in the Australian education study and immigration market, handled lots of cases and successfully helped many students get the offer from their favourite universities. Effectively communicate with many universities, help students get offers in the earliest time, and can give the most professional consultation and actively solve any problems of students through personal experience.

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