Barista Short Course

In Australia, barista is a well-respected and loved profession. Many students studying in Australia will work part-time as baristas. The barista course includes learning various skills such as: how to use commercial coffee machines and grinders, how to extract espresso. Professional Barista Certificate and Barista Experience Certificate will be issued after the course is completed.

Professional Year(PY)

Professional Year, or PY for short, is a one-year course authorised by the Australian Immigration Bureau. Students who want to apply must have a sub class 485 work visa, and are required to complete Accounting, Information Technology, or Engineering related courses. The Career Year Project is a professional development plan that combines learning and internships to provide students with work experience.

Carpentry and Building Construction

Carpentry and Construction are challenging jobs in Australia, and this type of occupation requires a lot of physical strength. However, construction occupations have an advantage in terms of immigration. Its immigration requirements are lower than those of general immigration occupations, and there are usually employers willing to provide employers to sponsor immigration.

Automotive Technology

The three positions in the auto repair profession; Motor Mechanic, Small Engine Mechanic, and Small Engine Mechanic, are all on the Australian Immigration Service’s long-term immigration list. In terms of salary, the average annual income of auto mechanics in Australia is also quite good, belonging to the local middle-income job.

Early Childhood Education and Care

The Australian Early Childhood Education and Nursing Curriculum provides basic knowledge of early childhood education and childcare and cultivates the nursing skills and education models for students and babies of different ages from 0-5 years old. Many courses provide 360-580 hours of internship opportunities. This greatly improves the employability of students after graduation.

Aged Care

Geriatric care is a subject that studies the care of the elderly and geriatric diseases. With health as the foundation and patient as the core, it helps the elderly to improve their health, functional level and living arrangements to the greatest extent, and meets the needs of nursing care. At the same time, the elderly is educated and supervised in nursing knowledge and skills.