Free Study Abroad Consultation Application

As an experienced master agency in Australia, we have very good partnerships with Universities, Colleges and schools. 

For a long time, we have been dedicated, sincere, and patient in the industry to provide students with the most timely school information and professional consulting and planning services, and apply for their favourite schools for free.

Australia and New Zealand Full-Scale College Resources

Universities, TAFE vocational schools, public/private high schools, elementary and middle schools, various language schools, etc. Get the admission notice and COE quickly (the fastest day).

Promotion/Transfer Consulting Application Service

Regardless of whether the student is in Australia or China (or other countries), whether the student is a high school student, undergraduate, master student, or someone who has already worked after graduating from university, we can plan a reasonable way to study abroad. And provide corresponding promotion/transfer application services.

Study Tour Custom Service

In addition to regular study abroad application services, we also provide customized study tours, including early education, parent-child study tours, youth study tours, overseas camp training and other short-term experience programs. The whole journey butt joint by a dedicated person, and the safety of the journey is guaranteed.

Personalized Service

We know that for international students, starting to study and live in a new country and city is not an easy task. Therefore, we are committed to providing international students with the most practical and effective help and services to make the entire application process easier and smoother.

  • Relying on the long-term close cooperation relationship between the company and various colleges, we have played a role as a bridge between the school and the students. The school information is communicated to the students as soon as possible. At the same time, we also directly talk to the college on behalf of the students and their parents. Really achieve efficient, accurate and unobstructed communication.
  • All our education consultants have passed QEAC qualification certification, which is our minimum guarantee for providing professional and high-quality services to students and parents. On this basis, our consultants have many years of personal study and life experience in Australia, as well as many years of education agent industry experience. We refuse to provide “streamlined study abroad application service”, and it is our aim to develop the most practical study plan for each student.
  • We know that for students, the purpose of studying abroad is not only to obtain a degree, but also a precious process of rapid growth. And it is a big challenge for every family. Therefore, we will conduct a comprehensive understanding and evaluation of each student, combining the students’ personal characteristics and needs, parents’ expectations, and social development trends, to provide students with an “enhancing study abroad program” to maximize the benefits of studying abroad.

Visa Service

After successfully obtaining an Australian student visa, the journey of studying abroad will officially begin.
We have an official registered migration agent of the Immigration Bureau (Migration Agent registration number MARN: 0210428), and we
are also one of the first agents authorized by the Immigration Bureau to have e-visa qualifications.
This means that we pursue excellence in application materials, and we provide fast and convenient application channels.

Visa Services Include

Basic Student Visa Application Process

Comprehensive Study Abroad Support

In addition to study abroad consultation, planning, college application and visa application services, we also provide students with more considerate study support. These include:

SIM Card
Bank Card
Tax Number
Living Assistance

We organize various types of seminars and activities. It’s not only a good opportunity for students to learn the most updated information from school, but also a place for students to make new friends.

Iae Edu Net Melbourne aims to become a base camp for international students, and accompany everyone to complete their studies happily, safely and smoothly.