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More than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we are the official authorized master agent of Universities across Australia. We provide the timeliest and the most accurate information. Free consultation and application services.

According to the needs, personality and preferences of students, we customize the most suitable plan for them. We will also look after their applications, insurance purchase, medical examination appointment, visa application from beginning to end. Our goal is to provide the most effective assistance to the students.

We have strong reserve of national wide academic resources among the Australia and New Zealand. No matter what needs and what ages of students, we will find the best solution.

Top-Class services

All of our consultants are qualified by QEAC, and have many years of studying and living abroad experiences. We also have professional admission team to take care every application.

Testimonials from our Students:

My previous undergraduate background and work experience were all in business management area. When I first decided to change my career path and take the information technology course, I was hesitant and confused. However, the consultant at iae Melbourne gave me a lot of encouragement and confidence. Now I am in the last semester of Master of IT course, and I have already received an offer of the Graduate Program from REA Group. I am very grateful to the professional consultant team for strengthening my resolve in changing my major.

Ruby Li

I really appreciate the help from the consultant team of iae Melbourne! I studied English as my Bachelor’s degree in China, and I recently received my postgraduate offer of Master of Translation from the University of Melbourne. During the last year of my Bachelor course, I was busy with my graduation thesis, professional courses and IELTS exams. During that time, I was very stressed. Shortly after, an iae consultant introduced me to PTE exam and gave me a lot of study materials. Therefore, I successfully got the full offer of the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne has always been my dream school, and I am full of expectations for the upcoming study abroad life!

Siyuan SUN

I landed Australia for the first time with a working holiday visa 2 years ago. During that time, I fell in love with life in Australia and reconsider my future career development. Hesitating in several majors in accounting, finance, and child care. After communicating with the consultant of iae Melbourne a few times, I decided to choose child care. According to my personal background, personality and needs, the consultant helped me analyze the reasons for studying in child care from various angles, and encouraged my determination. I am currently a student of Victoria University. After one semester, I felt that I made a right decision. Thanks to iae Melbourne for the continuous help.

Cathy FU

I have known iae Melbourne for almost two years. I was recommended by a friend because of their good service quality. When I first started consulting, I had just graduated from University, and my target major was also very clear, which was to continue my studies in engineering materials. The consultant gave a flexible application plan after knowing about my background and expectations. In the end, I chose to apply to the University of New South Wales and Monash University. Under the guidance of the consultant, my application documents were prepared very well, so the entire application process went smoothly. Now I am very happy to study my favourite course at my favorited university. Thanks for the help of iae Melbourne, Recommend!

Rachel ZHAO

I am currently studying Automotive Technology at MITT in Sydney. When my working holiday visa is about to expire, I was introduced by a friend in Melbourne and met with iae Melbourne. While I am in Australia, I did port freight work and trucks as a companion, I am interested in auto repair over time. After communicating with the consultant of iae Melbourne, I decided the application for school. Under the guidance of the consultant, everything goes smoothly. Although I am in Sydney, all my questions will be answered patiently. Fortunately, my student visa was granted in one day! What a surprise! This agency is really reliable.

Isaac Ma

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