The English and Academic Preparation (EAP) course is designed for international students. It aims to help students improve their English language proficiency in a short period of time, thus reaching the level of English required by the course, and smoothly transitioning to undergraduate and graduate studies.

To apply for EAP courses, you need to have an intermediate level of English. You can choose to study the General English course in advance to improve yourself to meet the requirements to enter the EAP course.

General English

Learning General English courses will greatly improve your future professional and academic competitiveness. In addition to class, students also have plenty of time to explore exotic places.

The purpose of the General English course is to teach students how to communicate, understand, read and write through various situations. Most schools also provide a variety of extracurricular activities so that students can fully enjoy local life.


In English-speaking countries, entry into work, study, and residence, requires passing of a test. Namely, IELTS, which is more and more globally accepted these days. The sooner you prepare for this test, the better. In addition, many teachers have also served as IELTS examiners, and the pure English learning and living environment can also provide students with a lot of convenience.

Course Length

10-40 weeks

Intake Date

Each university has an entrance date almost every month according to the English course time (some private colleges have a fixed entrance time every week)

Entry Requirement

IELTS 4~6 or equivalent approved English test

Institutions Recommendations

English centers of universities, ILSC College, SMEAG College