There are 3 pathways for Chinese high school students to study in undergraduate courses in Australia. Two of them are transitional courses, Foundation and Diploma (Diploma courses, or freshman fast-track courses), as well as direct application to the Australian undergraduate course by using Chinese Gaokao result. 
Chinese high school graduates can directly apply for Australian undergraduate courses by using Gaokao and IELTS scores. All of the group 8 universities in Australia accept Gaokao result, except University of Melbourne, but each of the eight universities has different academic requirements for students from different provinces. At the same time, IELTS scores still need to achieve 6 or more in order to be exempt from language courses. And students also need to meet the different requirements of different majors.
The Group 8 university undergraduate course intake
Once they decided to apply for the undergraduate courses of the Group 8 universities in Australia, the students always hope to be able to apply for the most recent course intake. The undergraduate courses at the Group 8 universities in Australia are normally offer two intakes per year, ie, in late February and late July. Almost all undergraduate courses start in February, and most of the undergraduate courses begin in both February and July. Taking the 2016 graduates as an example, the Gaokao result released in late June, and it is almost impossible to catch up with the 2016 July intake. Therefore, February 2017 is the preferred start date for the graduates of 2016; if you fail to catch up with the 2017 February intake, 2017 July will be an optional intake.
Eight elite schools undergraduate course system
From the perspective of categories, undergraduate courses in the Group 8 universities can be divided into six major categories, which are arts, business, law, science, engineering, and medicine. Australian University undergraduate majors are divided into three years, four years, five years and six years. Most undergraduate majors have a three-year program, including media, social sciences, linguistics, accounting, business management, economics, hotel management, environmental science, natural sciences, computer science, design, and nursing; four-year undergraduate majors include education, Psychology, social work, law, engineering, measurement, and pharmacy; five-year undergraduate majors include dentistry and veterinary medicine; and clinical medicine is a six-year major.
The Group 8 university tuition fees
The academic fees for the Group8 universities in Australia are approximately AUD 25,000 to AUD 35,000 per year. There is a large difference in tuition fees between different majors in the same university. There is also a large difference in tuition fees between the same majors in different universities. 
IELTS or TOEFL Requirement
The Gaokao scores are the key factors to determine whether applicants can be accepted into the Group 8 universities in Australia. The IELTS or TOEFL scores determine whether applicants can directly enter the Group 8 undergraduate courses.
Take the IELTS score as an example. If you want to directly enrol into the Group 8 universities’ business school courses, the Australian National University requires an average score of 6.5, and no band less than 6.0; the University of Sydney requires an average of 7.0, and the four singles are not low. At 6.0, the University of Adelaide requires an average score of 6.0, a minimum listening and reading score of 5.5, and a writing and speaking band not less than 6.0.

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