2019 October


 Period : 7th Oct ~ 25 Oct    Place: L5, 250 Collins st(Near Flinder station)


The first one can get Woolworths Voucher $ 70!!

- total 3 games, student can challenge once per game(no practice)
- Re-challenge is possible when student comming again within the period
  If the total score is lower than the previous total score, the previous score will be maintained.

  Judged by total score only. Do not mix scores with other days
- Korean snack gift for All Challenger(Give 1 time per person, Only for First challenger)

Event Details


 Game Rule


1) Ping-pong
Bounce the table tennis ball with the table tennis stick in same place(Can't Move)
Game ends when the ball falls to the ground or feet move a little
1 Point per 1 Bounce


2) Handball
Stand on Line

Straighten your body(do not bend forward) and throw the 2 balls on the board















10 Point per 10. (If board score is 100 and 30, total 130 points)
0 point for not stick


3) Curling
Flick the bottle cap with finger at the starting point





















Score higher as you get closer to the target

0 points when exiting the board(red line)
If you are at the score and score boundaries, you can get the point where more belong

If you have any questions, please send email to us~



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