1. During the pandemic period, there is no suspension of application for studying in Australia & further education and transfer.

iae-Huatong looking to study in Melbourne between August-September, be aware that the online admissions meeting of all Australian universities is drawing near. All Australian universities’ 2021 offers are waiting for you! Students can not only talk to the admissions officers of prestigious schools in Australia, but also be provided 4 exclusive benefits:

1.🆓Consultation and application

2.🆓University application fee

3.🆓Renewal service (only for students in Australia)

4.iae-Melbourne surprise scholarship!

Interested students, please scan the poster in the picture below and add the WeChat account to participate in our activities, let the iae-Melbourne consultants help you get offers from your favourite universities!

2.During the stay-at-home pandemic prevention period, do you consider another way to improve yourself or upgrade your skills?

Learning and improving will not stop during the pandemic prevention period

State Funded-Free government-supported online courses are waiting for you

  Target group: Australian permanent PR holders (students & those who want to learn skills)

About State funded Free government-supported online courses:

  1. No need to pay any tuition fees, just a few hundred Australian dollars registration fee to start learning
  2. Course range: various practical TAFE courses

Why you choose the state funded course↓

  1. Online learning, you can complete your studies and get a diploma during the pandemic prevention period without leaving home
  2. During the pandemic, self-improvement and skill upgrade will not be suspended

Anyone who is interested in State-Fund free government-supported online courses, you are welcome to scan the poster below and add us on our WeChat to consult and register for the course!

3. 2020 VCE Victorian International High School Students Free One-stop VIP Escort Program ⬇ Scan the QR code to consult the poster below

iae-Huatong Melbourne helps Victorian international high school students to progress smoothly during the pandemic

🌟Recommended target group:

All international high school students from VCE Victoria in Australia

🌟Free one-stop VIP delivery plan, quickly receive the offer of your favourite university:

-QEAC Registered Consultant One-to-One session: Advancement Plan, Full-line Application Service, Registration Guidance Examination

-We will reimburse the VTAC registration fee (Anytime from August to November 2020* conditions apply)

-After enrolment, you can get the exclusive VCE high scholarship of iae-Melbourne

-Free for further studies

-Collection service: including VCE transcripts, admission notices from various schools, etc.

-Professional, quickly receive offers and scholarship offers from various universities